Haunted By The Ghost of Christmas Cards Past!

Posted on: December 22nd, 2010 by Shawn Ireland 88 Comments

Hello, I am Shawn Ireland and I am living in shame.  I, for the first time in memory (as fragmented as THAT is), never got around to sending out Christmas cards this year. I wanted to, I really did! I hate the fact that I wasn’t able to write a quick note to friends and family! I really have no idea where the time went! Granted, I was starting a new business…but it still doesn’t justify the fact that I could sit down and watch the “Survivor” winner  get announced, but I couldn’t muster up the same enthusiasm for an annual tradition. I hate this feeling of guilt! I am tormented by my shame each day as I walk to the mailbox and see more greetings in all shapes and sizes from all over the country eagerly awaiting my letter opener. I swear their glad tidings mock me!  Others took the time and effort, and I failed. I am haunted by my ineptitude. I am a go-getter…a responsible person…so, what went wrong this year?

Hey, wait a minute! It just dawned on me! I didn’t completely drop the proverbial snowball! I am writing one right here on the world wide web! This will reach far more people than my old-fashioned attempt could possibly ever touch. So, to those of you whom I owe a card and to those of you whom I don’t, here goes my Christmas Blog Card:

The kids are great! Graham is a freshman in college and loving it-Cydney is an 8th grader and loving her teenager status a lot more than I am! The dogs are spoiled to bits–even rivaling the kids if that is possible! I have a new business called The Shawn Ireland Show (S.I.S.,) that is an easy “click-and-play” way to hear my daily exploits when you want @ www.shawnirelandshow.com. I have a Club membership with over 525 women in the S.I.S. Club, and a charity component to raise money for women’s and children’s charities called The S.I.S. Club Care Corps. I work 6 in the morning until midnight each day and never wish it away. I love my boss…SHE…seems fair and gives me equal pay for equal work! She really gets me! ;)

The rest of the extended family is healthy and Blessed and hoping you are too.

Please forgive my last minute, electronic card, and know next year I hope to have the hardwork payoff and we are all gathering at my neighbor-Oprah’s-house for a BBQ this time of year. OK, maybe not. At the very least I’ll skip the ”Survivor” finale and write a pile of cards!

Happy Holidays!



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