Red Light/Green Light-SMILE!

Posted on: March 22nd, 2011 by Shawn Ireland 280 Comments

Even if you have never experienced a “Red Light Camera” at an intersection, you may at least be aware that they exist. They are syncronized snapshots that capture a picture of your vehicle if it- just so happens-to cross through an intersection at the same  time  the traffic light switches from yellow to red. I always thought it was a clever little device until it snapped a picture of me!

 I was driving downtown after a charity event and trying to figure out which way to go, when suddenly I was blinded by a bright flash! After I realized that we were not being invaded by aliens, I had a sinking feeling and dollar signs ran through my head! I realized I had not eeked through on the yellow/red switch in time and was captured on one of those intersection cameras! What? I was careful I thought! No one was around. I was in the clear-RIGHT?

esWell, the story was tucked away and forgotten. Then, the proof came in the mail. There in all it’s glory, even in the dark of night, was a gallery of pictures of my car in three beauty shots. There was no denying it was my car because the license plate was blown up and magnified to NASA specifications! So, I now face a $95.00 fine and a slap on the hand. But, I have to admit, I am impressed with the technology! We still can’t get a true picture of  Bigfoot, but by gosh my car can get snapped in a split second at an  intersection with laser-point clarity. The whole experience makes me wonder if I can save money on my daughter’s senior pictures in a few years and just send her with a big smile through the intersection a few times? Hey-it’s just a thought!

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