When Back-To-School Is Back-To-One!

Posted on: August 17th, 2011 by Shawn Ireland

Holding Tightly For A Few More Years!

Like many of you, my home has been engaged in the preparation of back to school. It’s a surreal time for many, a peculiar blend of trepidation meets excitement. When Graham, now 19, and Cydney, now 14, were little it was like preparing them for a trip away. It was hectic and harried! There were things to buy, routines to rehearse, and contact information to supply. Now though, all of that “Mom help me”, has been replaced with “Mom I’m going to go do this and I will get that”. I am just not the cog in the wheel that makes this back-to-school machine work anymore. I have to admit it; I am a bit melancholy!
A friend of mine sent me a text today and it said. “Congrats! You have one in college and one in high school! You’re almost done!” I looked at that and really let it sink in deeply. She was right! I am almost done! In four years-assuming neither of them runs away to join the circus-I will have a son in his chosen career and a daughter graduating from high school. For all intents and purposes, I will be a loner…or as my friend said “done”! Well that STINKS! I spent all this time waiting for their independence only to now wish I could slow the wheels of progress and have them ask for a lift somewhere or tell me they are bored being at home with MOM!

 I know it is a “rite of passage”, and every other cliche imaginable. But, if there is any advice I can extol upon you, then it would be that no matter how much they scream and argue in the mornings, or hate the lunch you packed, or whine because  the shirt they wanted is still in the laundry, etc. Take it all in! It is over so quickly and then you will be “done” too. Don’t get me wrong, I intend to let the next chapter of my life springboard me to other types of happiness, but down deep I will miss the back-to-school mayhem.  SIGH! Continuing education anyone? Or does anyone know when the circus comes to town?

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