Winning With Acceptance-It’s The Only Way!

Posted on: October 12th, 2011 by Shawn Ireland 2 Comments

For nearly a year now, I have been running my own multimedia approach to entertainment, with my daily internet show, my weekly radio show, my club membership, and my charitable outreach for women and children-all under the umbrella of the Shawn Ireland Show (S.I.S.). And although the days run beyond 18 hours on average, I am happy in my choice. The truth is the choice wasn’t entirely mine (a story I will blog about in a couple of weeks in the hope of helping others forced into a similar situation). Sometimes in life though, the path we are led to is a hidden Blessing we don’t recognize until we take the steps to navigate. I am so proud and grateful for the many men and women, and clients and professional acquaintences who have supported me as my path continues to widen. I am especially proud of the good work we have been able to do-not only through the entertainment piece of “The Shawn Ireland Show”, but the charitable works as well.
One of my proudest programs to date is “Beauty’s on the Inside”, the self-esteem program for middle school girls. It is making a difference and I am so energized by the support and appreciation from the girls and school adminisitrators. Kids need armed with the tools to feel protected and confident and this is one small way we can help make a difference.
So thank you all for your support as we close in on our first year!
**Please watch the latest story from FOX 28′s Good Day Columbus on “Beauty’s On The Inside”\”Beauty\’s On The Inside\”

2 Responses

  1. Jim Deuschle says:

    You have always been a,strong woman.You will be successfulin anything you do.Good things happen to good people and you fit into that mold.Keep up the great work.


  2. Connie Will says:

    I LOVE what you are doing Shawn.I pray this program for girls explodes! I know what you are saying about paths being a hidden blessing! When my daughter was diagnosed with severe cognitive and physical delays I became numb. I finally decided to help her as I helped other families with kids with special needs. I started a brand new sports therapy called Agility Ability. We help kids with special needs and teach them how to do dog agility. It helps them verbally, cognitively, physically and it also has calming affects we have found for kids on the autism spectrum. It is truly a great breakthrough in sports therapy. We are so excited and it is growing like crazy! I would have never imagined my life going this direction, but thank the Lord it did. It is so gratifying and humbling at the same time.
    God Bless what you are doing!